18 Feb 2016
Nice interview with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science (NARAS) who are responsible for the Grammy Awards about arts and business! Thanks!
28 Dec 2015
What a lovely blog entry focusing on Latin culture and art! Thanks for the article about our recent concert at the Barnes Foundation!
1 May 2015
Nice behind the scenes video from rehearsals for the Carnegie Hall concert!
7 Mar 2015
As part of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce townhall-style meetings with various constituencies- this event was for the Arts and Culture community
5 Mar 2015
All this month, during Women’s History Month, The American Sound will feature performances by noted American women conductors and online stories showcasing the conductors’ careers and accomplishments. Tune in Saturdays at 6 p.m. and Tuesdays at 7...
20 Jun 2014
Great article about one of our fabulous guest flautists for our Side by Side performance of Beethoven Symphony No. 9
20 Jun 2014
Another great article about one of our guest musicians performing Beethoven Symphony No. 89 with us
16 Jun 2014
We are enjoying the talents of guest musician Barbara Martin (and her teacher, Jennifer Boorum)for our Side by Side Beethoven 9 concert! Check out her story here!
14 Jun 2014
Outside of having the number of amateur musicians wrong, this is agreat article about our Side by Side project!
11 Jun 2014
Check out this great Knight Foundation blog posting about our upcoming Beethoven 9 "Citywide Side by Side" performance on June 21st!
22 Nov 2013
Thanks once again to Alaina Mabaso and WHYY for helping us get the word out about this fun and challenging endeavor! Feel free to join us if you like for Beethoven 9!
23 Jun 2013
Thanks to the Inky's Larry Platt for a great profile- honored to be included in such a stellar list of amazing innovators!
4 May 2013
Congrats to Black Pearl for once again devising a great project to bring communities together through music!
27 Mar 2013
Thanks to WWFM's David Osenberg for a fun interview! If you hear sniffing, that is my dog investigating the microphone! :)
3 Mar 2013
Thanks to Flying Kite for a great interview! Flying Kite is Greater Philadelphia's newest publication, a weekly online magazine focused on what's next for the city and its suburbs. We're creating a new narrative about Philadelphia, one that conne...
26 Feb 2013
According to the Inky's DPS, "Beethoven's Symphony No. 2 [was] played by the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra under founder Jeri Lynne Johnson. The newish ensemble's performance had classicism, vigor, well-contoured phrasing, and solid playing that s...
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